Quarantine Sessions Song #1 - Hated

What do musicians do when the work is taken away and they're told to stay at home due to a pandemic? When it comes to Jake Clayton and studio partner Rob Daniels, they went right back to work! During the forced downtime the two spent a good portion of their time in the studio recording acoustic interpretations of modern Rock songs. Socially distanced and working together, Jake performed everything and Rob recorded and mixed it all. Now, we are excited to introduce to you the first release from this project we are calling the "Quarantine Sessions". The track is called "Hated" and it's a song from the metal band "Beartooth". Jake replaced the electric guitars with fiddles, dobros, mandolins, and more and the drum set was traded in for a washboard!


Each song will also be accompanied by a video showcasing Jake's musician skills and the Instruments he used to perform the song.

Song #2 lands on streaming services Sept. 25th