Monday - 01.28.2013
OFFICIAL Pre-Sale: New Music Featuring Jake Clayton
Jake Clayton has been hard at work in the studio over the past year working on multiple projects. One of those is almost done and ready for public consumption: Rickie Lee Tanner's 'This Here' album.

Rickie Lee's 'This Here' album not only features Jake Clayton's musicianship, it was also co-Produced by Jake Clayton. And just like Jake's debut album, 'Barnyard Stomp', Jake Clayton plays everything on this album except for the drums (performed by Troy Luccketta from the multi-platinum rock band, TESLA), and 2 guitar performances by the album producer, Rob Daniels.

Now, for 11 days only, you can pre-order Rickie Lee Tanner's 'This Here' album featuring Jake Clayton, and have your copy of 'This Here' signed by the whole production team (producers, musicians, singers, & writers)! Plus, you'll also get a free download of Jake Clayton's 'Barnyard Stomp' album and an advance download of 'This Here' one week before it's official release. This is a rare, once and only offer. Don't miss this opportunity to add to your Jake Clayton signed CD collection. Click the following link to get more info on the album and to order your copy.