Saturday - 11.05.2011
Jake Clayton's Video Sparks Newspaper Articles
Several newspapers in Missouri and North Carolina have published articles on Jake Clayton's 'Kickin' Up Dust' video being added to CMT.com. These papers include:
The Mexico Ledger - Mexico, MO
The Gaston Gazette - Gaston County, NC
The Lincoln Times - Linconton, NC
The Daily Advance - Elizabeth City, NC

Jake's former hometown is Mexico, MO and a good portion of the video participants are either residents or former residents of the North Carolina area. Here are a couple of the articles to read. Check them out for an insight on how Jake's first video came together!

Gaston County, NC: The Gaston Gazette

Elizabeth City, NC: The Daily Advance

Visit CMT.com to watch Jake's debut video for the song, 'Kickin' Up Dust'.