Friday - 09.16.2011
Jake Clayton Joins Leeway's HG Music Network
A limited number of hard working bands have been invited to join Leeway's HomeGrown Music Network (HGMN) as a "Home Grown Band". Jake Clayton has just become one of them! HGMN was formed in 1995 and was created to help bands reach fans who are seeking fun, interesting & mind expanding music. They have since become a music distribution network with an international presence and a catalog that regularly exceeds 150,000 copies distributed annually! HGMN supplies music to hundreds of stores worldwide as well as major one stops and etailers like Amazon.com.

"We improve your life by turning you onto and remaining your source for music that is breaking past existing boundaries. We are your best source for all the great music that doesn't fit neatly into any one category." -Leeway's HGMN

Bands or artists can join Leeway's HomeGrown Music Network by invitation only, and HGMN will only consider bands with a great work ethic, a good reputation, and hi quality merchandise. Through HGMN, Jake's music will now be exposed to a larger audience and also a network of concert venues and music promoters.

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