Saturday - 08.20.2011
'Kickin' Up Dust' Video Added to CMT.com
Jake Clayton's debut music video 'Kickin' Up Dust' has been added to CMT.com! CMT has long been known as the leader of Country Music Television and CMT.com has become home to all of the Country Music Artist's Videos. Now, Jake has joined the legions of those Country Music Artists with a CMT artist page that includes the Kickin' Up Dust video, Jake Clayton photos, and more!

Jake has also been informed that the 'Kickin' Up Dust' video is a candidate for airplay on the Wide Open Country show that is featured on CMT's second channel, CMT Pure. Please show your support for Jake Clayton and visit Jake's CMT Page to watch the video. While there, make sure to 'like' the video, share the video link with your friends, and leave a comment to let CMT know you appreciate Jake's video being added to their site. Your participation could help Jake Clayton's 'Kickin' Up Dust' video appear on the CMT Pure channel!

Visit: Jake's CMT Page