Thursday - 08.11.2011
Barnyard Stomp Distributed by Vai's Digital Nations
Digital Nations, a digital-only label and subsidiary of Steve Vai's Favored Nations label has offered their digital distribution system to Jake Clayton's 'Barnyard Stomp' album. As a result, 'Barnyard Stomp' will now receive exclusive worldwide digital distribution to over 100 outlets across the globe which includes all five major iTunes in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia/New Zealand! The Digital Nations artists are assured of maximum possible distribution in the worldwide digital marketplace.

"It's an amazing feeling to be associated with an established label that not only fills its roster with great musicians, but welcomes Instrumental music with open arms." - Jake Clayton

The Favored Nations label, and the Digital Nations subsidiary were created by Steve Vai, an Ibanez guitar endorser and a 3 time Grammy Award winning guitar virtuoso, composer and producer who has sold over 15 million albums during his career that spans over 20 years. Favored Nations is a well-known supporter of Instrumental music and the artists signed to Favored Nations are a unique, dedicated breed that have attained the highest performance level on their chosen instruments. The subsidiary, Digital Nations, caters to independent artists striving to reach that same level of excellence, and the DN distribution system is readily available to those artists on a non-exclusive basis.

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